Why Choose Us

Sydney Visa is a fast and reliable bridge between your coast and the coast of Australia. 

  • Firstly, you need us to get you visa to Australia as efficiently and stress free as possible without overspending your resources. 
  • Secondly, you need us to get reliable answers to a huge number of questions you will have about the Australian immigration process, as well as practical assistance in terms of integration in Australia. 


  • 20 years of experience. As a Sydney Visa customer, you will have the support of a professional team which has delt daily  with Australian Government Immigration agencies for the past 20 years. We have full access to information about Australian immigration laws, as well as knowledge of how this legislation is interpreted by officials who make visa related decisions. 
  • Absence of a geographical boundaries. Our head office is in Sydney, Australia and we work with clients all over the world in English, Russian and Chinese. 
  • Before taking the case, we assess a potential client's eligibility for an Australian visa. This allows a client to make an informative decision before investing personal resources.  .  


  • We have helped over 500 clients to gain entry to Australia via various type of visas – student, business, professional, family and humanitarian  
  • we are truly international and, as an immigrants, we understand the motives and difficulties of our clients, as we ourselves once have walked this road. We sincerely respect the courage of people that made a decision to change something in their lives. We really want to help them 
  • We feel a great personal responsibility for every case that we take on. We realize with all our heart that behind every case is the fate of a person and his or her entire family. That’s why, if we take on a client, we combine all our resources, energy and faith to ensure success for our clients! 

How can we help: 

We will help you plan the right and individual tailored immigration program, with the maximum chances of success  

  • There are more than 120 types of visas to Australia. In addition, the Australian immigration law is constantly evolving. It can be quite challenging to complete a visa application correctly and hope for a positive result without the knowledge of nuances of Australian immigration legislation. 
  • Every year thousands of hopeful applicants are getting rejected or delayed for years due to errors and omissions in their applications and supporting documentation. Australian government receive over 400,000 immigration visa submissions annually while the acceptance quota is about 80,000 applications – only 20% of the total pool of applications 

Assistance with all supporting documents 

  • Complete set of paperwork for any visa application contains many nuances. Incorrect, incomplete or missing document may lead to rejection of your visa application. Why take this risk! 
  • Once the application for further consideration were pre-selected, 80% of them are rejected due to incorrect/incomplete/missing/misinterpreted documentation. Our professional advice and real help in the difficult matter of “common man communicating with an uncompromising governmental organization” is simply a necessity. By engaging us, you will save yourself time and money, as well as gain a reliable partner.   

We provide a reliable representation 

  • We will represent your interests by communicating with all government and other organisations that are involved in your visa application process. We will prepare and submit an application, answer all questions from DHA and other organizations and receive correspondence on your behalf! 

Integration in Australia 

Sydney Visa post visa approval services cover all the needs of a new migrant, including furniture relocation, pets quarantine, temporary real estate, home loans, bank accounts, tax file number, Social Services and Children’s Education.