Business F.A.Q

My business does not require financial reporting, what do I do?

If your business is under rules of a simplified taxation and financial reporting system and you are not required to prepare any financial statements you will still have to prepare those statements for the purposes of your business visa.

Independent auditor will have to prepare those statements based on your original documents of transactions.

How important is the origin of my funds?

The origin of funds and assets required for the purposes of business visa is important.

You need to show that those assets were earned as a result of you business or investment activity or as a result of high wages and bonuses received during employment at a senior position. You will have to provide document evidence of origin of your funds.

If you won a lottery or inherited your funds, then you cannot declare yourself as entrepreneur or an investor or a senior manager, and therefore you will not satisfy business visa criteria.

How to establish value of my assets?

The value of your personal assets will have to be confirmed by an official valuation of the licensed valuer.

The value of your business assets is shown as Net Assets in balance statement of your company, which is prepared by an independent auditor.

What are your guarantees of the success of my case?

According to the Code of Conduct we do not have a legal right to provide you with any guarantees of success.

The decision as whether to grant visa or not is made by the Department of Immigration and not by us.

Every case is individual and probability of success is predictable only throughout the process of application preparation. The closer we move to the application submission date the more chances are there to predict the result.

What we can guarantee is honesty in assessment of your chances to immigrate; we can guarantee our competence in dealing with migration matters of our clients; our dedication to you and our diligent work.

Be careful with those who give you so called guarantees and refer to their personal connections with the Department of Immigration. They dissemble.

I have funds, assets and income, but I am not business owner and do not want to have business, may I still immigrate to Australia?

You can apply for an Investor Retirement visa subclass 405 and stay in Australia for as long as you want, renewing your visa.

You have to be 55 years of age, do not have any dependants and have assets of more than $1,500,000 AUD, or $750,000 AUD in case of state sponsorship, also you need to have an income of $65,000 AUD a year.

If you agree to live in regional Australia, all of the financial requirements reduced by 30%.

I own some investment properties and have rental income from them. Can I do the same kind of business in Australia?

You certainly can do the same type of activity in Australia. However, for the purposes of migration DIAC and sponsoring state have certain requirements to businessmen.

They want to see active investors and active entrepreneurs, who satisfy criteria of Eligible business and eligible investment. Receiving a Rental income from investment properties does not fall into a category of eligible business.

The same applies to the investment activities, where you hire an investment broker to trade on a stock market on your behalf.

If you or your company manage your own properties, which means you hire security, cleaning and other services for your leaseholders, then this can be called business. The same applies to investing activities. You can be called an active investor in case if you analyse market and make decisions regarding buying or selling shares, only giving directions to your broker on what and when to buy or sell.

What kind of financial reports have to be presented?

For the purposes of visa you will have to prepare standard financial report for the year end, which includes profit and loss statement and balance sheet, with comments of auditors.

The financial report should be prepared in English language and according to the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). 

The auditor should be a licensed as an IFRS auditor and should attach a proof of that to the report.

How do I start business migration?

First of all you need to assess your chances for skilled migration. Skilled migration program has significantly less costs and risks involved in comparison to business migration program, more over you will still be able to have your own business in Australia if you want, while business migration program obliges you to organise business in Australia regardless.

What is the price of your services and what kind of services you provide?

Our price list and list of services we provide can be seen here.

When can I get Australian passport?

In order to apply for the citizenship and get a passport of Australia you are required to live in Australia for four years out of which you should have a permanent residency for at least one year.

This means that three years out of four years required you can accumulate by staying in Australia on any visa including bridging and tourist visa. However, the period of absence in Australia during last 4 years should not exceed 1 year and three months during last year before your application for citizenship.

What is state/territory sponsorship and how to get it?

State/territory sponsorship gives a right to obtain an Australian visa with relaxed requirements towards English knowledge, age and financial criteria. This right is given to you by one of the eight state/territory of Australia in return to your obligation to live and organise business on the territory of that sponsoring entity for the period of temporary visa.

Once you will get your permanent visa there are no laws that can oblige you to continue living and working in that state/territory unless you want to stay because of your living arrangements in place (business, work, school, house etc). 

Government sponsoring policy relies on this domestication mechanism.

In order to get sponsorship you will need to send an application to the relevant government body of the state. The application should have all of the required documents attached. The list of those documents is almost identical to the list of documents required by DIAC for the visa application (apart for business plan). 

I have a very small business; do I have a chance to immigrate to Australia?

There is an opportunity for small business owners in business migration. For example, for sponsored visa you need to show the turnover of just $300,000 AUD a year.

However, the amount of your turnover is not the most important factor. Your place in business is crucial. You have to be involved in daily business activities and operations, personally manage your business.

For example if you have a bakery and you spend over 50% of your time baking bread, then by criteria of DIAC you cannot be considered as a businessman.

In Australia there is a huge share of market that belongs to small businesses, however DIAC considers that true businessman will develop his/her business to the extend where he is personally not involved in production for the sake of management which will take up over 50% of working time.

What are my chances to obtain business visa to Australia?

There are few questions you need to answer: 

1. Do you have an experience of managing business ? 

2. Do you have intentions to organise business in Australia ? 

3. Do you have sufficient funds for starting a business in Australia ?

If you answered YES to all of those questions, then you have a good chance to obtain a business visa to Australia

How long does it take to obtain permanent visa?

It might take from 2 to 7 years, depending on how prompt you will prepare necessary documents according to the instruction of your migration agent, visa requirements, your citizenship and success of your Australian business to meet minimal criteria for the purposes of the permanent visa.

What is the difference between Investor visa and Business Owner visa?

Amount of your financial risk involved is the biggest difference between those two types of visas:

Investor will have to purchase either $750,000 or $1,500,000 dollars worth of government bonds for the four years term, which means your risks are minimal and you will get your moneys back.

Business owner will have to carry all of the business risks. The amount of moneys in order to organise or obtain a business/share in the business is not fixed; it can vary from $3,000 dollars to millions of dollars. 

Everything will depend on the talent of a person to develop an idea and to realise that idea to a minimal financial criteria required by department.