The short answer is: similar to a doctor or a lawyer, we charge for the amount of work and for time.

Indeed, there are many agencies outside of Australia that promise visas for immigration, studies or even work in Australia. These agencies tend to make claims, such as ‘100% result’ or “immigration via English courses” or “guaranteed job offer”. Who are these agents? What is their qualification? What responsibility do they have? Usually, there are no answers to these questions. Sometimes, the websites display absurd documents that are not related in any way to the work of legal immigration agents, such as a copy of a permanent residency.

What guarantees can a customer realistically get from an agent? Does an agent issue Australian visas? No. It is the work of the Department of Immigration. Does an agent make decisions about hiring a job-seeker? No, it is of course the decision of an individual employer. What employer will ever select a low quality candidate over a strong one? And if the final choice of hiring rests with an employer, what guarantees can an agent give?

Do agents pass laws in regards to immigration? The answer is obvious: of course, not! Similarly, the lists of required qualifications are not compiled by the agents either.

The only thing that can be guaranteed by an agent is professionalism and due diligence. In Australia the work of migration agents is strictly regulated. Only those, registered at MARA – Migration Agents Registration Authority, are allowed to provide immigration services.

This registration requires passing a 6-month university course, an English exam and providing a police clearance. This means that a criminal or some ignorant person won’t be able to be a migration officer in Australia.

Moreover, the registration needs to be confirmed every year, which requires further professional training.

The registration fee for a migration agent is quite considerable. One of the reasons for it is to protect the customer. This fee is certainly more than a con-artist will be able to steal from an individual customer. And one complaint to the registering committee and an agent loses a licence, so stealing is possible only once.

Australian migration agents comply with the set of rules, published here: 
Australian agents are not allowed to attract customers with ‘visa guarantees’, since such promises are lies. Be aware: if anybody offers you guarantees, you are being cheated.

Does it mean that when you start working with an Australian migration agency and pay money, you don’t get any guarantees of the result? Of course, not! As mentioned earlier, there are no guarantees, but there is a likelihood of success, which is based on the agent’s qualification and their good knowledge of the criteria used by Department of Immigration officers in assessing visa applications. Australian immigration agents are familiar with immigration officers’ approach in assessing documents and they can assist the customer to prepare the most competitive applications.

The customers’ rights are protected by Australian Consumer Law. Even when there is no contract between an agent and a customer in Australia, this customer is still protected. The responsibilities of migration agents in Australia are governed by the above mentioned set of rules for migration officers, email correspondence, or even working practices of other agents. Hardly any overseas agency can match this level of responsibility.

So the choice is an obvious one: guaranteed professional conduct, strictly regulated services OR empty promises of ‘guarantees of results’ that can’t be achieved.

  • In our fees estimation we apply the most individual approach to our customers.

Standard prices for standard services are described in detail here (ссылка на услуги). However, if we evaluate the case as maximally transparent, with a minimum number of documents and legal "problems", then we apply a reduction index to the standard price.

It happens, however, that in rare cases, we use an incremental index, usually by professional visas for a number of specialties, where the requirements of the evaluating organizations are higher than the standard ones, for example, an architect, a doctor, a lawyer.

At the stage of signing the contract, the cost of services is discussed with the client.

  • Payment for our legal services is usually divided into several installments, following the logic of the stages of preparing documents for a visa application. For example, for a professional visa 190 the total cost of the contract is 5,500 Australian dollars. This amount is paid in two installments , the first 2800 AUD is the cost of the document preparation service and the application for the qualification assessment, and after receiving the qualification evaluation the next installment is 2700 AUD - the cost of the services for preparing and expressing the EOI, preparing and applying for the state nomination, preparing and applying for a visa, all correspondence, providing additional information and documents to DHA and obtaining a visa. For other visas, like business visas, family visas, where there is a logic in paying for our services in several stages, we adhere to the same policy.